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Please note that all sales are final. Refunds can only be given if your spot can be re-sold. If your spot can be re-sold, a $50 cancellation fee will apply to your booking.

Your place is confirmed once you have agreed to the following and accepted below.


1. I understand that I am entirely responsible for my personal safety, property, health, mental, physical, emotional, and general well-being during and after the event. I take full responsibility for my own well-being and any injuries that may arise in the course of my participation in the Immersion. I will let faculty or assistants of any health or related issues which may impact my participation.

2. I release the event organizers, their representatives, employees, assistants, and affiliates, of any liability for any injuries or damages (mental or physical) to myself or any of my family members that might incur during or after the Immersion.

3. I understand that the event is in no way psychotherapeutic or medical in nature. The event is not involved with the treatment of disease of any kind and does in not substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment.

4. I hold the event organizers not responsible for anything that might happen to me or my possessions during this event.

5. I understand that no health insurance, travel insurance, medical evacuation insurance is provided by the event organizers. If you wish to be insured you have to do this yourself.

6. I understand that photographs may be taken during the program by approved teachers and assistants. I give my permission to use these photos for program promotion in print and online formats. However, I may ask to approve of specific photos containing my image before being shown publicly.

7. You give Natasha Sikand Yoga and/or the event teacher permission to add yourself to their mailing lists. If you do not wish to be on their mailing lists please click this link to contact me.

8. I have read and understand the cancellation policy, below.


Cancellation Policy:

1. Under rare circumstances, including natural disasters in the area our program is hosted, or for other unforeseen reasons, Natasha Sikand Yoga reserves the right to cancel a program at any time, in which case you will receive a full refund.

2. All payments are final. No refunds are given unless your spot can be re-sold to someone else. If your spot can be re-sold you will be refunded the full amount minus a cancellation fee of $50.

3. There will be no refunds if you do not show up, if you leave a program early for any reason, or if you attended a program and are dissatisfied with its presentation and content.

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