About NatashaNatasha

Having lived on five different continents, Natasha is a global citizen and finds herself at home in many places.  She has been called a “connector” as it comes as second nature to her to bring people together.  This is one of the many things she loves about Yoga: its potential to bring people together and to shed light on the unifying fabric of reality.

She has been practicing Yoga since 1999, teaching, and running workshops and retreats around the world (Europe, Asia, and Australia) since 2006.  Her classes are nurturing and hold space for an intimate exploration of the layers of ourselves.  They incorporate her in-depth study and practice of Yoga Philosophy, Meditation, Ayurveda, Anusara Yoga, Embodied Flow, safe alignment, somatics, Feldenkrais, Body Mind Centering, dancing, and a deep exploration of movement, embodiment, and life.

She is continuously evolving her own practice and teaching and exploring new avenues and ways of approaching Yoga and embodied movement.  Her teaching and practice draws from many years of study with some of the world’s most senior teachers as well as her own life path.  She has spent countless hours studying and training with Ross Rayburn, Desiree Rumbaugh, Tara Judelle, Jayendra Hanley, John Friend, and most recently Body Mind Centering with Kim Sargent Wishart, Camilla Maling, and Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen.  She continues to study Yoga Philosophy and Meditation with Sally Kempton and Carlos Pomeda.

She is also passionate about sharing her love for living a healthy and vibrant life.  She is a big advocate of Ayurveda and following a plant based diet.  Both of these influences deeply inform her practice and teaching.  Her classes, workshops, and retreats provide a platform for a soulful and transformative exploration of embodiment, movement, and life.

She believes in the healing power of Yoga as it has helped her profoundly on her path.  Many years have been spent on the yoga mat, meditation cushion, in life, in nature,  and in the kitchen exploring different ways to live in alignment with her heart and nature.  Natasha is an E-RCYT 500 (Experienced Level) Yoga Alliance Teacher, a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Practitioner (YACEP), and a Registered Childrens Yoga Teacher (RCYT).  She is also a Certified Anusara Yoga teacher with many hours of experience in teaching, Yoga Asana Practice, study of Yoga Philosophy, Yoga Therapeutics and Anatomy, and Meditation practice.



Natasha has over 4000 hours and over 17 years of study in Anusara Yoga, Embodied Flow, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Jivamukti Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Yoga Therapeutics, Yoga for Children, Meditation, Yoga Philosophy, somatic movement practices, and more…


April-November  Participated in The Cirulation Project with Kim Sargent Wishart.  The Personal Development course

2018                         entailed explorations in Body Mind Centering, Free Movement, Tibetan Buddhism (Shambala Tradition), photography, improvisation, somatic explorations and movement,

and more.

March 2017 Completed 30 hours of training with Body Mind Centering Founder, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen in Sydney (Embryological Foundations of Movement, 3 days) and Melbourne (Embodying the Basic Neurocellular Patterns: a BMC approach to Developmental Movement, 2 days & An Introduction to the Primitive Reflexes, Righting Reactions and Equilibrium Responses, 1 day)
November 2016
Completed 5 day Embodied Flow Immersion with Tara Judelle.
August 2014 5 Day Silent Meditation Retreat in Ubud, Bali with Pak Merta Ada of Bali Usada Meditation.
July 2009 Retreat with Certified Anusara Teacher Sianna Sherman and Philosophy and Meditation teacher Paul Muller Ortega.
May 2009 5 day Meditation retreat with Meditation and Yoga Philosophy Teacher Sally Kempton in Italy.
2005 to present In depth study of Yoga Philosophy and meditation with Carlos Pomeda (50 hours)
August 2008 Attended 10 day Vipassana Meditation Retreat (Goenka style) in Switzerland.
2008 to present Over 150 hours of Yoga Therapeutics Training. Trainings in Yoga Therapeutics and Anatomy with Martin Kirk (October 2008), Ellen Saltonstall (October 2007), Desiree Rumbaugh (2006, 2009, 2011, 2013), Ross Rayburn (2009, 2015), John Friend (2010).
2006 to present Workshops and public classes/study with Shiva Rea (Vinyasa Flow), Mark Whitwell, Dharma Mittra, Rolf Naujokot (Ashtanga Vinyasa), Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa (Kundalini Yoga), Rod Stryker (Purna Yoga), Leslie Kaminoff, Seane Corn, Ana Forrest, Godfrey Devereaux.  Over 1,500 hours.
2005 to Present Over 700 hours of Workshops and Study with Certified Anusara Teachers Desiree Rumbaugh, Sianna Sherman, Martin Kirk, Ruthie Bernhaert, Jim Bernhaert, Amy Ippolitti, Bo Srey, Ross Rayburn, Bridget Woods Kramer, Bo Srey, Julie Smerdon, Tara Judelle, Betsey Downing, Jayendra Hanley.
2005 to present 180 hours of study with Anusara Yoga founder, John Friend. Workshops taken John include Teacher Training (46 hours), Therapy Training (18 hours), retreats, public workshops and intensives.
July 2008 Completed Om Shree Om Yoga for Children Teacher Training with Christine McArdle-Oquendo in Madrid, Spain
2006-2008 Completed a 200 hour Anusara Yoga Teacher Training and Immersion with Jayendra Hanley in Madrid, Spain and Munsingen, Switzerland. This training is recognized and registered with Yoga Alliance
2000 Began to practice Anusara Yoga at World Yoga Center in New York City.
1999 Began to practice Iyengar Yoga with Jill Forger in New York City.

teaching experience

I am currently living and teaching in Apollo Bay, Australia. I teach public classes in Apollo Bay at the Apollo Bay Surf Club or on the beach/foreshore in the Summer months. I teach most retreats and workshops from my home studio and retreat space  (www.beaconpoint.com.au) and travel to different parts of the country and world to teach workshops and retreats…


May 2019                Guest taught at the Great Ocean Road Running Festival, Apollo Bay, Victoria.

November 2018   Guest taught at the Victorian HFMA State Conference at the Mantra Hotel, Lorne.

August 2018          Guest taught at the Yoga Week at the Sunstar Hotel in Davos.  Topic covered was an introduction to Ayurveda and a one hour Yoga asana class.

August 2018          Guest taught a Master Class at Yogazeit Davos.

June 2018              Taught a 3 day Yoga Retreat at Beacon Point Ocean View Villas.

April/June 2017  Taught and hosted two three day Yoga and Ayurveda Retreats at Beacon Point Ocen View Villas with guest teacher, Dipika Delmenico.

August 2016
Guest taught a weekend workshop at Yoga Zeit Davos.
February 2016 Guest taught at a 5 day Meditation Retreat in Apollo Bay, Australia.
October 2015 Taught a workshop”What’s the Point” with Camilla Maling at The Yoga Lab, Melbourne.
May 2015 Bali Yoga Retreat with Deepa Ebeli
February 2015 Guest taught at Meditation Retreat run by Nigel Straush and Carol Perry (Insight Meditation Melbourne) in Apollo Bay.
2013-present Teaching Yoga and Food for the Soul workshops and retreats at home studio in ApolloBay. Focus of the workshops/retreats is exploring ways to live consciously and Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, contemplation, healthy eating and living.
2010 to present Teach regular annual-biannual Yoga workshops in Melbourne.
November 2014 Guest taught at Mary Mikhael’s Retreat (Twin Flame Retreats) in Lorne.
2014 Guest taught at the Apollo Bay Music Festival
March 1-3, 2013 Hosted and taught the Apollo Bay Yoga retreat at Beacon Point Ocean View Villas.
February 2nd-5th, 2013 Guest taught daily Yoga classes at a Meditation retreat led by Insight Meditation teacher Carol Perry.
January 8th, 2013 Yoga Mentoring for Australian Formula 1 driver, Mark Webber, for a commercial for Swisse Vitamins. Apollo Bay, Victoria, Australia.
July 7-8th, 2012 Taught a weekend workshop (focusing on asana and the doshas) with Amanda  Morley in Canberra, ACT, Australia.
May 5th, 2012 Taught a Yoga Intensive at home studio in Apollo Bay. Content included asana, pranayama, meditation, yoga philosophy with a focus on the Doshas and Ayurveda.
April 21-22, 2012 Taught as a guest teacher at the Apollo Bay Music Festival
March 4, 2012 Taught as a guest teacher at Evolve Yoga Festival in Abbotsford Convent,   Melbourne.
2010 to present Teach and run yearly Yoga Retreats at Beacon Point Ocean View Villas (www.beaconpoint.com.au)
December 2011 Taught a Yoga Workshop at home studio in Apollo Bay.
February 2011 Guest teacher at Yoga Intensive at Fusion Healing Centre, Colac, Australia.
 January 2010 Guest teacher at Yoga Intensive at Fusion Healing Centre, Colac, Australia.
2010 Taught a Prenatal Yoga class at home studio (Beacon Point Ocean View Villas).
2009-2010 Taught weekly classes in Lavers Hill, Victoria, Australia.
2009-2010 Taught weekly beach yoga classes in Lorne, Australia during the summer months.
2012 to present Ongoing Children’s Yoga classes taught at the Apollo Bay School (ages 7-10)
December 2009 to present On-going public and private classes at home Yoga studio at Beacon Point Ocean View Villas, Beach Yoga (during summer months) and in the Apollo Bay Township (Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced).
2009 Guest taught classes at the Temple Lodge in Bingin, Bali.
January-February 2009 Taught weekly classes at Otway Health in Apollo Bay, Australia
November / December 2008 Taught a two hour Focus Workshop (advanced level) at YogaElements studio in Bangkok, Thailand.
2008 Taught/volunteered at Children of the Forest Orphanage (www.childrenoftheforest.org) inSanghklaburi, Thailand. Taught two daily yoga classes to children aged 8-17yrs.Also taught yoga and meditation and how to teach yoga for children to caregivers working at the orphanage.
2008 to present Taught five Yoga Retreats in Davos, Switzerland at Shima (www.shima-davos.ch)
April-June 2007 Taught Yoga classes at City Yoga Madrid and private lessons at my home in Madrid, Spain.
2006-2009 Taught to Corporate groups visiting Davos, Switzerland at the Belvedere Hotel.
September-November 2006 Taught beginner level Hatha Yoga at City Yoga, Madrid, Spain.
2006-2009 Taught Anusara Inspired Hatha yoga (Mixed, Intermediate and Advanced Level) in Davos, Switzerland during the winter months at Hot Sox Gym and Sunstar Hotel.