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yoga-retreat-groupClasses incorporate Natasha’s years of study of many different styles of Yoga (mainly Anusara Yoga and Embodied Flow), meditation, Yoga Philosophy, Feldenkrais, Body Mind Centering, and other movement modalities.  Each class is a unique blend of all of these influences, tailored to what will best serve the class and individual.  Most classes also include Pranayama and a short Meditation. Classes are suitable for all levels and ages of practitioner.



Natasha has trained extensively in Anusara Yoga and is a Certified Anusara Yoga teacher.  Founded in 1997 by John Friend, Anusara® Yoga is a system of Hatha Yoga that melds a Tantric philosophy with the Universal Principles of Alignment™.  One of the definitions of “anusara” is “flowing with Grace” or “to be in the flow of Grace”.   By practicing yoga we align ourselves to our highest intention and participate fully in the dance of life.







Yoga Classes @ The Surf Club


5:30pm – Mixed Level



9am – Mixed Level


Apollo Bay Surf Lifesaving Club

on the Apollo Bay Foreshore opposite the Pharmacy







Beach/Foreshore Yoga During the Summer months…


 All levels welcome!  

Apollo Bay Foreshore Classes:  meet under big tree at the Visitor’s Center

Skenes Creek Classes:  meet at the beach in front of the Skenes Creek Caravan Park

Please bring a beach  towel  or  a Yoga  mat. 









Like Nobody’s Watching

LIKE NOBODY’S WATCHING is a 1 hr dance session, in which you are invited to let your hair down, let loose, and journey inward through movement, dance and play. Re-connect to your beautiful body, and move as you please along to an eclectic mix of soulful beats. Our intention is to allow this group to evolve organically so that people may choose to compile their own playlist for future gatherings. We also ask that people donate $5 to cover the cost of the venue hire and any remaining funds will be donated to

Children welcome to come along!  Wear comfortable clothing and please no talking during the session

Venue:  Apollo Bay Surf Lifesaving Club

Dates: usually once a month…please call or email Natasha to check 0409944878











childrens yoga classes Apollo bay yoga






Please email or call to find out about class cancellations or updates…

Natasha is also available for private classes, prenatal yoga, small group sessions, Corporate Yoga, and Yoga for children.



Cancellation Policy (varies depending on event):

  • cancellation 1 month prior, full refund minus a cancellation fee
  • cancellation under 1 month, no refund, unless the spot can be filled.








Suggestions Classes Apollo bay yoga

Some suggestions to ensure that you get the full benefits of each class:

Yoga Classes


-Try not to eat any food at least 2 hours before class

-Wear comfortable, breathable clothing (and bring a layer to wear during Savasana)

-Bring water

-Try to avoid wearing strong perfume to class as some students have allergies

-Please let Natasha know about any current injuries that you’re dealing with

-Please arrive at least 10 minutes early…if you arrive late please have a seat and wait quietly until the introduction is finished…you’re welcome to set up your mat once the intro/chant is finished.

-If you need to leave before class ends please leave prior to Savasana (final relaxation) and make sure you take at least a few moments on your own in Balasana (child’s pose) or Savasana before leaving so that you can ground yourself before leaving.

-If you have any questions please ask :-)! Enjoy!